Introducing PixelGrid: It makes the canvas behave like an array (or matrix) of pixels

I am a student here, I did the machine learning course and now I am doing Deep Learning which in the process I wrote this code that I would like to share with you guys as I find it nice and useful.

PixelGrid, a JavaScript class inspired by this deep learning course. The course’s lectures on image vectorization and RGB manipulation sparked the idea for transforming a standard HTML canvas element into a 2D array (or matrix) of pixels, with each pixel accessible or modifiable individually.

How Does It Work?

PixelGrid stores the canvas’s pixels in a 1D array in RGBA format. Each pixel is represented as an array of four integers (ranging from 0 to 255), signifying the red, green, blue, and alpha (transparency) values. PixelGrid provides methods for obtaining and modifying the color of individual pixels, thereby facilitating low-level image data manipulation.

Feel free to check it out and hopefully hear back from you.
npm install this.pixelgrid

In the project I have provided 2 demos demo.html and demo2.html,
demo2.html is nice as it gives you options to make it 2D or 3D and you get the array.

Students should be extremely cautious about installing software from unknown sources.