Introduction Saketh

print("Hello everyone, I am Saketh from India, and I am pursuing a degree in CS.")
print("I'd like to make my career in AI.")

Hey, Saketh-exe,

Welcome to the family! What kind of A.I. are you interested in? For example, what kind of data, or problem, or A.I. technology interests you?

Katherine Moss

Thanks for the reply!
Well, I am a complete newbie here and I am still exploring the field, but there is one part I am particularly fascinated by: using AI with computer vision, specifically for object recognition. Even though it’s a narrow field, I believe it has immense potential and the applications are incredibly exciting. For instance, I am inspired by projects like Google’s Project Astra and ChatGPT-4.0. The idea of developing such advanced technologies is thrilling to me, and I look forward to deepening my knowledge and skills in this area.

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Exactly – I share your excitement about object recognition. My first thoughts are its application to facial recognition, but I have read that it can be applied to package sorting, automation of detection of inappropriate content in videos and images, assessment of crop growth, etc. In my last job, we were classifying crystal growth in whey production.

I wish you a long and colorful career. Let’s get connected on LinkedIn.


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