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Hi DeepLearning AI Community - I’m Grace, I work for a platform that’s slowly trying to build more affordable, eco-friendly GPUs. It’s a huge undertaking, so while we’re building that out we’ve been working on another concept – a GPU matchmaker built for AI.

AI programmers fill out a quick survey and then we find them available GPUs that meet their specific requirements (chip type, storage, networking, price, etc.) Helps us learn more about the space, while helping startups find GPUs that don’t cost a fortune.

When possible, we also find GPUs powered by renewable energy. Would love to hear what you think:



Your platform is beautiful. Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.

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Katherine Moss

Thanks so much Katherine. Appreciate that :smiley:

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Grace, this sounds like a game-changer! It’s refreshing to see efforts towards more affordable and sustainable GPU options for the AI community. Your GPU matchmaker concept is brilliant—it streamlines the process for AI programmers while promoting eco-conscious choices. Looking forward to seeing how your platform evolves and contributes to the advancement of AI technology. Keep up the great work!