Iou assignment error

getting an error with the iou assignment - here’s what I have done

xi1 = max of box1 x1 and box2 x1
yi1 = max of box1 y2 and box2 y1
xi2 = min of box2 x2 and box1 x2
yi2 = min of box2 y2 and box2 y2

inter width is difference between xi2 and xi1
inter height is difference between yi2 and yi1

inter area = product of (max of interwidth and 0 and max of interheight and 0)

box1_area is (y2-y1) of box1 * (x2-x1) of box1
box2_area is (y2-y1) of box2 * (x2-x1) of box2

any pointers on where I am going wrong ?


nvm. figured it out - my yi1 was wrong - had to max of box1 y1 and box2 y1