Is it necessary to understand the highlighted custom made python libraries and functions

Greetings fellow learners, it is a request to tell whether or not it is necessary to understand the details about how do the highlighted things work, I think all of the highlighted things were made by the people of deeplearning which means that when we are in professional work we won’t use them.
But are they necessary for this course? Example we might have to use them in practice labs later on

Kindly clarify this

Hello @Talha1234

As Prof. Andrew mentioned in one of the videos, the inner workings and implementation details of the highlighted functions can get really involved. So to answer your question - We don’t really need to know the inner workings of these functions to be able to do the practise labs.

Of course, time permitting and if we have the appetite for it, we could open these files and investigate it - Purely to satisfy our curiosity and to get something extra beyond the mandatory requirements of the labs.

Hi. Could you point me where can we see these files? I do not see them in the directory when I open the lab, the Jupyter notebook opens automatically. But I would like to see what those functions look like.

Hi @Siemieniuk, click “Open” > “File” in the menu bar of the jupyter notebook, then you will see those files.

Great, I found it. Thank you :slight_smile: