Is there an error in the description of Layer Functions in Coffee Roasting in Tensorflow?

As the image shows, the description here is ‘unit 0 has larger values when the temperature is too low. unit 1 has larger values when the duration is too short and unit 2 has larger values for bad combinations of time/temp.’ However, it seems that unit 0 has larger values when the duration is too short, and so on. It might be because codes in my notebooks went wrong, but I wonder if you guys have the same problem.

Hi @Linhaohan_Shi,

This is my result.

You can get a new copy of the code by, on the menu bar of the jupyter notebook, click “File” > “Open” > Select the notebook “C2_W1_Lab02_CoffeeRoasting_TF.ipynb” > click “Shutdown” > Select the notebook again > Click “Rename” and give it a different name. Then on the top right corner, click “Help” > “Get Latest Version” > “Update Lab”. Then you will find a new copy there.


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Hi Raymond,

Thanks for your help! It perfectly addressed this problem!

Kind regards,

You are welcome Haohan! :slight_smile: