Is trax alive?

I’ve found, that there are not a lot of commits from 2022. Also, I see, that there were closed last issues just in 2022. No support in official chat that was given in docs.

Also there are a few of my own problems that I met on practice. And tensorflow contains more enough interesting core functionalities, that trax doesn’t have. For example a flexible creation of vocabulary or working with custom datasets from a file like with TextLineDataset. So, the framework doesn’t look like perfect to not commit more than 6 months at least.

Trax is not very actively developed like TensorFlow or PyTorch, so you could say that trax is not alive. But on the other hand the source code is very clear and you can implement almost anything you want with it.

oh, ok. So, looks like, that it would be much better if I rewrite most part of nlp courses labs, that patterns I need, to tensorflow? Can you help me with this job? Should I share my ideas in private messages or as topics in your forum, what do you think?