Issue in Deep Learning Specialization Course 5-Week 3 Assignment

I am facing issues in the Deep Learning Specialization course 5 “Sequence Model” Week 3 Assignment “Trigger Words Detection”. All my unit tests are passed. When I submit my assignment it gives me the error of the code block “UNIT-Test” the code block successfully give me the message “All tests are passed”.

But When I submit my assignment it give me this error : Code cell 21# Student code cannot compile. Error: ErrorType(“‘NoneType’ Object cannot be interpreted as Integer”).

What should I do?

Hello @Hamid_Ali_Khan!

First, you posted this in the General Discussion category but it belongs to DLS. Please correct it as described here. Second, in your title, you said course 5 but in your text, you said course 4. Correct that too.

Regarding your error, so, what is in cell 21? On which code does cell 21 depend? Have you replaced all the None with your code? Or have you deleted/edited any of the pre-written code?

Hello @saifkhanengr!

Sorry, for some errors in my post. I corrected that errors.

Secondly, I have replace all the None in my code and the unit test give me the output as “All tests are passed”.

The error generated in the cell below the “None” cell. To be specific in the Exercise 3 - insert_ones “def insert_ones_test(target):”.

I have not deleted/edited any of the pre-written code.

I sent you a direct message.

To update others, Kernel → Restart & Clear Output and then running all the cells again resolved the issue. But notice that it resolved the issue after some hours.