Issue with Predict Function Programming Assignment C1W3

Programming Assignment:
An issue with Predict Function
I keep getting assertion error even though I’m pretty sure my code is correct, I even checked the hint yet I Still keep getting the error.

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Hello @Pearse_Jim

Could you please send me your notebook and I can take a look Please send it as a DM (click on my name and then click on Message)

Hello @Pearse_Jim

You have applied the threshold >= 5 instead of 0.5. Please make the change and check again.

Oh :joy: :joy: Have no idea how I missed that.
Thanks a lot for this

You are most welcome :blush:

Please I need help with c1 wk3 practise lab specifically ex. 4. I need help with prediction code. Ive spent hours and tried several ways.

Hi @Wisdee,

Please check out the hints under the exercise’s code cell. If your exercise still doesn’t pass, please open a new thread in the course 1 week 3 category, tell us it is about exercise 4, and share a screenshot or a text-copy of the error message you see. Don’t share your assignment code in the thread.

If your exercise passes but you have a question on a line of the code, please ask a specific question in a new thread as above about that line of code and it is better to also share with us your thoughts about the line of code which drives the line questionable. I am closing this thread.