Jazz Improvisation assignment recieves 0 score


My submitted assignment is receiving a score of 0 upon submission. My notebook passes all the tests and I’ve restarted and reran the notebook to ensure there is no hidden state issues.

Is this a known issue?

What error message are you getting from the grader?

It is easily possible to pass all the unit tests and score zero points. The unit tests do not catch all possible errors in your code.

The error is

Cell #UNQ_C2. Can't compile the student's code. Error: SyntaxError('invalid syntax', ('/tmp/student_solution_cells/cell_15.py', 56, 20, ' if not #ed:\n'))

I don’t see any syntax errors when I run my notebook, it seems to run successfully. Is there a way to get access to the traceback from the grader?

No, there isn’t.

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