Jupyter notebook on mac (anaconda installation fail)

Hi Deeplearners,
I am having big issues to install anaconda 3.9 in order to run jupyter notebook on my mac - macos High Sierra 10.13.6. (Neural Networks and Deep Learning week 2 on coursera)
The installation failed no idea why. Guidelines are really missing.

Any tips to give for beginners please?
Thank you so much in advance

Hi @Tony_C,

I’m not that savvy with these things, but I’m guessing it could be compatibility issue between anaconda version and your macOS version. You are using 10.13.x, while the latest is 12.x.x. Yours is 4 versions older than the current version.

hello Mubsi, Thank you for replying my question.
You’re right.
I will have maybe to try with an older version of anaconda but the required size is 4 times bigger (600mb for 3.9 instead of 2.2 3.15).

do you know if miniconda is sufficient to execute the required exercices?

Hey @Tony_C,
If you are following any course offered by DeepLearning.AI, then you will find that you can run all the exercises in Coursera Labs themselves, and you don’t need to install and/or set-up anything on your local machine. In-fact, this is recommended as well, since setting-up the environment with the package versions same as those in Coursera Labs, could be time-consuming and cumbersome.

But coming back to your query, indeed, miniconda would be sufficient to run all the required exercises, provide you install all the required packages with the required versions. Also, if you want, you can share the errors that you are receiving while installing Anaconda, and perhaps, we can try to take a look at them. I hope this helps.


ok thank you for your feedback ELemento. I’ve successfully installed an older version of anaconda.

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