KeepYourMouthShut - An open-source 360-degree podcast solution

KeepYourMouthShut is an AI-assisted open-source app that provides a 360-degree podcast solution.

It has a developer-first approach for creating entire episodes of podcasts without requiring any expensive equpment or setup. The app takes a number of input from the end-user and based on that generates a script and an audio voice-over file based on that script.

This app has been built using Python, llmOS, and edge-tts. Here is the GitHub repository for KeepYourMouthShut.

The Listenology podcast has been created comepletely using KeepYourMouthShut.

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. I am also looking for contributors.

Listening to episode 1, a lot of repetition and filler - “let’s jump right in” repeatedly used then takes over a minute to do so. Good idea for an experiment though.