Kersas callbacks History error week 2 Assignment 1

Building Your First ResNet Model (50 layers)

all test passed but accuracy difference

Epoch 1/2 34/34 [==============================] - 83s 2s/step - loss: 1.8918 - accuracy: 0.4778 Epoch 2/2 34/34 [==============================] - 83s 2s/step - loss: 0.6769 - accuracy: 0.7898

<tensorflow.python.keras.callbacks.History at 0x7ffa3851b950>

Expected Output :

Epoch 1/2
34/34 [==============================] - 85s 3s/step - loss: 1.9359 - accuracy: 0.5046
Epoch 2/2
34/34 [==============================] - 85s 3s/step - loss: 0.6868 - accuracy: 0.8074

Hey as it is mentioned in the notebook around the same place, don’t worry about the loss and accuracy not being the exact same as the expected output.

The History callback being there is not an error, returns a callback which has the history of the training loss and accuracy (and other metrics if you add them), if you saved the callback to a variable you could visualise it later.

Don’t worry this is not an error.

i passed all test in the assignment except this accuracy isn’t matching. I have done every thing correctly still iam graded 0/100 in this assingnment.

Ah, coursera is experiencing issues in the backend right now and is being worked on so that might be the issue. Otherwise, this is not an error. Would be best to wait for a bit til it is fixed. Will keep you posted :slight_smile: