L6 Checking outputs - Checking passed even the answer is insufficient

Please be aware the checking system is not doing a very good job… for example:

Even for the following response:
*"another_response = "The SmartX ProPhone has a 6.1-inch display, 128GB storage, *
*12MP dual camera, and 5G. The FotoSnap DSLR Camera *
*has a 24.2MP sensor, 1080p video, 3-inch LCD, and *
interchangeable lenses.“”

, which clearly did not mention anything about tvs, the response still replies “Y”.

The response is till “Y” even I tried another_response as just "“The SmartX ProPhone has a 6.1-inch display”.

Hi Novchan,

Thanks for bringing this up. I also get a ‘Y’ when I use your first version of another_response, but a ‘N’ for your second version. Not easy to fathom.

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