L7_student notebook possible errors

1 - The main function is different in file utils than in the video…so what we are supposed to use, which is newer or better ??

def process_user_message(user_input, all_messages, debug=True):

2 - In utils.py you can find:

def find_category_and_product_only(user_input,products_and_category):
    delimiter = "####"
    system_message = f"""
    You will be provided with customer service queries. \
    The customer service query will be delimited with {delimiter} characters.
    Output a python list of objects, where each object has the following format:
    'category': <one of Computers and Laptops, Smartphones and Accessories, Televisions and Home Theater Systems, \
    Gaming Consoles and Accessories, Audio Equipment, Cameras and Camcorders>,
    'products': <a list of products that must be found in the allowed products below>

    Where the categories and products must be found in the customer service query.
    If a product is mentioned, it must be associated with the correct category in the allowed products list below.
    If no products or categories are found, output an empty list.

    Allowed products: 
    Computers and Laptops category:
TechPro Ultrabook
BlueWave Gaming Laptop
PowerLite Convertible
TechPro Desktop
BlueWave Chromebook

Smartphones and Accessories category:
SmartX ProPhone
MobiTech PowerCase
SmartX MiniPhone
MobiTech Wireless Charger
SmartX EarBuds

Televisions and Home Theater Systems category:
CineView 4K TV
SoundMax Home Theater
CineView 8K TV
SoundMax Soundbar
CineView OLED TV

Gaming Consoles and Accessories category:
GameSphere X
ProGamer Controller
GameSphere Y
ProGamer Racing Wheel
GameSphere VR Headset

Audio Equipment category:
AudioPhonic Noise-Canceling Headphones
WaveSound Bluetooth Speaker
AudioPhonic True Wireless Earbuds
WaveSound Soundbar
AudioPhonic Turntable

Cameras and Camcorders category:
FotoSnap DSLR Camera
ActionCam 4K
FotoSnap Mirrorless Camera
ZoomMaster Camcorder
FotoSnap Instant Camera
    Only output the list of objects, nothing else.
    messages =  [  
    {'role':'system', 'content': system_message},    
    {'role':'user', 'content': f"{delimiter}{user_input}{delimiter}"},  
    return get_completion_from_messages(messages)

But the parameter products_and_category is not needed, as you dont use it…this lesson is a little mess with video, jupyter notebook and utils.py, with different things…