LA - Week 2 Python assignment

Hi there, I am now struggled about exercise 4 from this assignment. Really don’t know what 's wrong with my code. Could someone please help me out?

I have tried to print the output of [SwapRows] command, however, it didn’t show swapping row 0 and row1 but swapping row0 and row2, which i cannot figure out why?

This assignment is a study in following the instructions in exquisite detail.

I cannot figure out why ROW0 and ROW2 swap when the command is 0,1. I think this is the reason why my result is not correct at all.

Maybe there is an error in your SwapRows() function.

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Could you please be more specific, i can not figure out, because whatever i do to edit the function, it show the result above.

Maybe your SwapRows() function is swapping the wrong rows.

Are we not swap row0 and row1, i am following the hint above SwapRows(A_system,0,1).

I see that you continue to post your code for augmented_to_ref(). However, my questions are about whether your SwapRows() function is implemented correctly.