Lab 1 - Do you need a paid account

How does one go through labs without actually paying for the course? I thought the only reason you have to pay is get the certification but I cant get to the lab 1 exercise withought actually hitting the “upgrade to submit” option.

The free option only gives the lectures.

is it possible to share these labs with us?

You need a paid subscription.

so, no labs on AWS ?
Can we use free tier to access labs?

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Only if the course is offering free full enrollment. I do not have the details on that.

But in the instruction it says that you only paid to submit the lab for evaluation as per here " In this lab, you will do the dialogue summarization task using generative AI. You will explore how the input text affects the output of the model, and perform prompt engineering to direct it towards the task you need. By comparing zero shot, one shot, and few shot inferences, you will take the first step towards prompt engineering and see how it can enhance the generative output of Large Language Models.

Note: For the lab, it is better to use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a tablet.

To start the lab, tick the checkbox below indicating you will adhere to the Coursera Honor Code, then click on the “Launch App” button.

The lab is formally ungraded, but you will need to click on the Submit button to complete the lab."


Perhaps a mentor for this course will be able to elaborate.

Hi do you mean the AWS Free Tier, or free access to the course?

Are these labs only available in AWS? can i use other clouds?