Lab 3 walkthrough - non-toxic example is not always nice

Hi all,
I don’t know if someone has already mentioned it, but the sentence ‘I want to kiss you’ used as non-toxic example is not always nice. Depending on the situation it can be very toxic. Please could you change that coding, e.g. ‘Listen to your lecture has been a real pleasure.’

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There is always room for interpretation on the meaning of words and keep in mind the model learns from what its trained on and how that us interpreted in training.

You cannot have 2 outputs of the model for the same input, unless there is additional context to the input.

I know that additional context and the training is important, my intention of the mentioned topic was not the technical aspect rather being a little bit more sensitive about the creation of lesson examples.

@Ilo_Brnk, I agree, that seems inappropriate to me.