Lab 3 walkthrough

In the very first segment of the Jupiter Note book (under %pip install \ ) it shows the assignment “trl==0.4.4 –-quiet”
But in the Lab3’s Jupiter notebook (Lab_3_fine_tune_model_to_detoxify summaries.ipynb) that statement is missing. If I continue the wk3 lab in it’s original form (i.e without the assignment “trl==0.4.4 –-quiet”) then I get the following error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘transformers.models.nllb_moe.configuration_nllb_moe’

I had to add the missing assignment (“trl==0.4.4 –-quiet”) statement to get the Lab3 to work correctly for submission.

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Hi and thank you for the feedback! I didn’t encounter this issue when I did the lab a few times before. This line should take care of that: %pip install git+ But we’ll re-check and modify if needed. Thanks again!