Lab session timed out

Hi, a warm greetings…

Please I need help, I tried to revisit my lab assignment in order to complete and submit it , but unfortunately I noticed lab session timed out, I tried to reopen but all effort seems to be unproductive. Please I will appreciate every input to enable me resolve this issues…Thank you

Try this, it might work:

  • Open the notebook,
  • Then use the “Help” button in the upper right corner,
  • Then use “Reboot Server”.
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Thank you very much, the lab seesion issue has been resolved.

But please one more thing, seems I mistakenly omitted something in the graded function which resulted to a zero (0)% grade from the auotograder after submission. Please is they anywhere to get back the original copy of the assignment ? I will be very careful this time… Thank you

See Item 5 in the FAQ: