Learn Convolutional neural network straightly?

I haven’t learned the related deep learning specialization courses yet, such as neural networks and deep learning, structuring machine learning projects and so on, while I have finished Andrew Ng’s machine learning course based on Stanford University on Coursera.

Now I am just interested in convolutional neural networks and would like to learn more about this utility. And I get used to using Matlab coding but not Python. Can I learn the convolutional neural network straightly or should I learn relevant courses first? I want some suggestions. Thanks for your help!

The best way to get introduced to Convolutional Neural Networks is to take Course 4 of the Deep Learning Specialization. But if you have only taken the original Stanford ML course, I would really recommend that you start from the beginning of DLS Course 1. The problem is that the Neural Networks section of the Stanford course was put together in 2011 and so the treatment there is pretty “old school”. Prof Ng has changed several important things in the way the presents the material and I think you’ll find it pretty rough going if you jump straight into DLS Course 4. And the other issue is that you’re going to need to learn python first. The DLS courses are only taught in python, but they don’t really teach you python. You need that knowledge as a prerequisite.

The other thing that you get introduced to in DLS Course 1 is the Jupyter Notebooks, which is the platform for all the assignments in DLS and all the other more modern DLAI courses here.

Well, what I said above assumes that you want to take the courses here. There are other educational resources out there on the Internet. If you want to avoid python, you could check the MathWorks website. That’s the company that created MATLAB and their website has all kinds of educational materials, both reference material and online courses. Check to see whether they offer any courses on Convolutional Networks that use MATLAB as the programming environment.

But if you plan to be involved in ML/DL/AI in the future, you probably will need to learn python at some point. It’s pretty much taken over as the “lingua franca” of AI.

Thanks so much! It really helps.