Lecture note possible typo in calculating derivative


In the lecture note for week 2 on “Computing Derivatives”, I think there is a typo. It’s regarding finding derivate of cost function J with respect to variable a. I think it should be dj/da = dj/dv * dv/da instead of what’s shown in the lecture note below.

The last equation is
\frac{dJ}{dc} = \frac{dJ}{du} \frac{du}{dc} = 3 * b = 3 * 3 = 9

Here’s one more:
\frac{dJ}{da} = \frac{dJ}{dv} \frac{dv}{da} = 3 * 1 = 3

That’s exactly what I meant. Like the second example you have posted @balaji.ambresh. It should be like we have mentioned not what’s in the lecture note.

Thanks for reporting. The staff have been informed about the bug.