Lesson 3 - Chains - OutputParserException

I am running the notebook as it is. It throws an error when I try to run this command.
Please check and tell me how to run the chain…Or If there is an additional step we are missing.

Hi @antaripg

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What lesson are you trying to running?

Hi @elirod,
I am running the lesson 3 notebook - specifically the part on the MultipleRouterChain

I’m sorry.

I search in all course lessons and i was not able to find this notebook.

Are you sure that you are on the right course?

The name of the lesson course 3 in this course is: 03_vectorstores_and_embeddings

Update: I move your topic to the righ course. Thanks!

Hi @antaripg

I found the lab.

The right course is LangChain for LLM Application Development: Chains/L3-Chains.

Anyway. Looks like it’s a problem with the Jupyter notebook. I’ll open a ticket for that.

Please be patient with this. We hope this will be fixed soon.

Thank you

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Hey @elirod , Thanks for pushing the query to the right course. I should have been careful before posting the question. However, I have run into a new problem, currently (23the August-2023) when I run the same notebook - the notebook runs fine but with no response to show for - specifically the command

chain.run(“What is black body radiation?”)
the code runs with no error but no output either. Please check into this.
Thanks. Let me know if you require some more info.


Hi @antaripg

Thank you for your report.

Some learners faced the same issue. I reported to the course team. I Believe that they working on it.

It should be fix anytime soon.