Lesson 4: what is the OpenAI-BaseURL?

In lesson 4, the code calls for an environmental variable called
“X-OpenAI-BaseURL”: os.environ[‘OPENAI_API_BASE’]

Within the course on the DeepLearning page, the value is:


but I am attempting to run this locally and would need to know the “outside” address.

Any ideas?

I think you have to get that from OpenAI.

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well, it’s not like my api-key which is personal to me and i do have to get that from OpenAi, but the BaseURL should be public knowledge and the same for eveyone taking this course. I just don’t know what that “public knowledge” fact is.

the answer to this question appears to be: https://api.openai.com

although i am far from 100% sure of that, it does get me pretty far through the lesson 4 notebook and the remaining issues do not seem to be related to this question. :slight_smile: