Lesson 6: Semantic Search, Building a Q&A System

In ‘Semantic Search’ module, when executing ‘cos_sim_array = cosine_similarity([query_embedding],
list(so_database.embeddings.values))’, error happened in the picture. Anyone can help? Thanks
Screenshot 2023-09-24 002147

Hi @Yiyi

Welcome to the community.

We can try some troubleshottings in order to isolate the issue:

  1. Reset the kernel and clean all the outputs
  2. Logout and log back in
  3. Make sure that there is no AntVirus/VPN affecting your network connection
  4. Restore the browser to the fresh installation state in order to ensure that there is no extension/add-on or even a cache affecting the lab
  5. Try another browser

If you already complete this steps and the issues still persist, we have to report this individually since it is not a general issue.

Please, report this to the platform team by:

  1. Click on the community section
  2. Click on the form link

Don’t forget to explain step by step how to reproduce the error and the troubleshooting steps you followed to workaround the issue.

I Kindly ask for your patience in this matter.

I hope you understand.

Best regards