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I am an experienced Machine Learning Engineer who loves building AI Solutions. My domain expertise include CNN and NLP. I just enrolled in Machine Learning Specialization just to refresh and revisit those concepts since I am preparing for FAANG Interviews. I would love to connect and grow my network.
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Hello there @manjinder_singh2 welcome to the community


Making this the new collector thread for connections.


Hey, I am Zornitsa and am a business student who is really interested in the use of AI in testing communication models trough generative agents :slight_smile: I would love to connect with people that are actively interested in developing AI and this is my linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/zornitsa-georgieva-a88937285/


Hi everyone,

I am a postdoctoral researcher in data science and machine learning in the field of organ transplantation. I recently defended my PhD in biostatistics in Paris. Recently I have been intrigued by the challenges and problems in climate change. I believe machine learning and data science definitely have aspects to be implemented in these fields. I am now taking AI for Good specialization.

Here are two of my first-authored papers, published in The Lancet Public Health and Nature Medicine.

  1. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanpub/article/PIIS2468-2667(21)00200-0/fulltext
  2. An automated histological classification system for precision diagnostics of kidney allografts | Nature Medicine

Here is my LinkedIn page. Feel free to connect!

Here is my Twitter. Feel free to follow me!

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,


Hello Everyone!

My name is Harold! I have a history in Digital Human Resources but am looking to grow and learn more about the Machine Learning space! I would love to connect and meet new people! I am interested in all of your journeys!



Hi everyone,

my name is Christian and I am working in the automotive sector with a focus on data and digital twins.

In the DL.AI community I support as mentor for the Deep Learning and GenAI specializations.

Looking forward to connect with you on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiansimonis/

Have a good start in 2024 & Happy New Year everyone!

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Hi guys.

My name is Honza. Currently busy with multiple activities as an IT manager, a university teacher and a PhD student in the field of AI.

In case you wanna connect via Linked in, here I send a link to my profile: Jan Zbirovský - Bosch | LinkedIn

I wish you all Happy New Year and all the best in 2024 :fireworks:!




My name is Cidalia and I am a research fellow in workforce modelling for healthcare in London, SBU.

I was a specialist critical care nurse (cardiothoracic Ecmo) for 10 years, did consulting, and I have a masters in PH from LSHTM. I enjoy working in intersection to bridge the gaps.

I am taking the Machine Learning specialization. I want to do my PhD only if I find someone to supervise me to work on the intersection between public health, machine learning and economics/finance. I am still figure it out how to do it and where to find the right people to help me.

For now I am working on publishing my master thesis which was doing a Literature review using the Probast tool and gaining more practical skills in Machine Learning ( been doing some datathons but always as a analytical translator).

Feel free to connect: Cidália Eusébio | LinkedIn


Hi All,
This is Anandaganesh Balakrishnan. I have 15+ years of experience in data engineering, database development, infrastructure development, and data analytics. I have held leadership roles spanning diverse industries across Banking, Trading, Biotech, Real Estate, and Utilities.

I currently lead the development and optimization of data virtualization infrastructure and data engineering strategies. My current focus is AI on unstructured data, large language models, Generative AI, self-service data analytics, and data catalogs.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn


Hello everyone!

I’m a software engineer, computer scientist and a stock trader in my free time that just got into the rabbit hole of machine learning!

I’m very excited to learn and contribute about ML :slight_smile:


Hello, computer engineer by profession, but in the nonprofit realm for the last 14 years. Getting back into everything, particularly ML and AI. I’m at Lawrence Beasley - North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn


Hi There,
I am Syed Mohsin Raza, a molecular virologist, (LinkedIn) with interest in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics. I am getting much inclined into use of AI into Bioinformatics and Health Sciences. Teaching at a health sciences, University I am trying to also pursue a Ph.D in Bioinformatics. I hope the course I joined through coursera (AI for everyone) will introduce me to the basic concepts of AI.


That’s a great idea !
I am Igor and ML was my dream since i was a child then Andrew videos show me the way.

Here my profile. Add me and let’s connect.



Hey there! I am Saurabh and i am currently enrolled in a machine learning engineering course. Decided to opt for this course to strengthen my basics and advanced understanding of Machine Learning and AI applications.


Hi Everyone, I am Nagarajan.

  • I have a background in Finance and experience in B2B distribution in the premium consumer products category.

  • I recently underwent a Analytics course covering Python for Data Analytics & Machine Learning.

  • My areas of interest are using generative AI in improving the product discovery and personalization experience for online shoppers.

  • Please feel free to connect with me at:


Hello Everyone,
Embracing a newfound passion for AI, I’ve embarked on an exciting journey of exploration, diving into new tools, and engaging in various projects. I am eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts, to learn from your experiences, and to share my ideas. Let’s embark on this journey together!


Hello Guys!

I am Alberto Zacchini, I am a recent biomedical engineering graduate from the University of Padua, with experience in biosignals. I am currently collaborating with colleagues to create a start up on a Brain computer interface with a focus on Alzheimer’s patients. I am here to increase all my skills related to creating deep learning models, as well as to strengthen my biosignal analysis skills and data skills.
I will leave you my linkedin profile here.
In the case you want to follow my start up project, this is the link.

Feel free to write me to talk about anything!


Hey everyone,
I work for a company with a robust AI portfolio of solutions and products that help companies (tech, bank, insurance) improve productivity and efficiency. I write about AI on LinkedIn and you are welcome to connect with me :slight_smile:


Hey :wave:t4:,
I am Tushar Puri. I am a Full-stack Web Developer. Feel free to check my work on github: TusharPuri10 (Tushar) · GitHub . I am here to learn the development of LLM so that I can easily integrate them in my upcoming projects. If anyone is interested to build a website for your side projects ( preferably LLM related ) then you can ping me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tushar-puri-0b94201a8/.

Looking forward to build some good connections.