Librarian new-ish to AI (can use advice)

Hello everyone! I’m a European librarian (y’know, books and stuff) who has long been interested in AI and following the field (very casually) from a distance. I’ve been pretty critical about the use of AI in our field from an ethics, bias, etc. POV. That said I see how AI as a tool can be valuable for what we do. Innovation is part of my work, and AI is clearly here to stay. I’ve gotten to the point where I just want to learn as much as possible so that we can start using it responsibly.

I don’t have a background in programming, although as a teenager I used to build websites (this was in the early '00s, so not that advanced) and I’ve taken a basic python course. I’m open to learn and try things, and I hope this forum can help me find the best route to do so. I’m currently going through the Coursera courses, starting with “AI for everyone” and then, I guess, “Generative AI for everyone”? If anyone has tips on the best order of things those are very welcome! Also any additional skills I should work on (mathematics for ML?) :slight_smile:

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I haven’t taken any of the gateway courses here, but in of themselves the courses presented here are not super math heavy (they don’t water down what is going on, but they make it much easier for those less experienced in that area to understand-- Rather than just tossing you in the water without a life jacket and saying ‘swim !’).

That said the field/technology itself is. If your goal is true understanding, the maths is definitely a worthwhile investment-- Yet not a deal breaker.


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