Linear Quantization Zero point calculation

My question is about the zero point calculation in the optional slide
the zero point (z) equation is defined as z = int(round(qmin-rmin/s)
and s the scale factor is defined as s = (qmax-qmin)/(rmax-rmin).
when trying to use those equations for a rmax = 1000 and rmin =250, and the range for unsigned int qmax=-128, xmin=127,
we get s value 2.94 and z is -213.
z falls outside the accepted range which is (-128,127) for unsigned int.
where is the error here? is it the equation or my calculations or understanding?
also a follow up question this type of quantization is basically normalizing right?

Hi @Abbasid,

Basically, yes.

As for the rest of query, could you point me to the lecture you are referring to where these optional slides are shown ?