LLM application POC

I work for a DeFi startup and we want to train GPT to use our API to fetch real-time market data to answer customer questions. Is this possible with GPT 3?

You might want to read up on their fine tuning offering…

GPT-3 has been pre-trained on a vast amount of text from the open internet. When given a prompt with just a few examples, it can often intuit what task you are trying to perform and generate a plausible completion. This is often called “few-shot learning.”

Fine-tuning improves on few-shot learning by training on many more examples than can fit in the prompt, letting you achieve better results on a wide number of tasks. Once a model has been fine-tuned, you won’t need to provide examples in the prompt anymore. This saves costs and enables lower-latency requests.

At a high level, fine-tuning involves the following steps:

1. Prepare and upload training data
2. Train a new fine-tuned model
3. Use your fine-tuned model