Load_data()---but we have not provided any data

I have been following MLS courses, and right now in MLS course 3, and I am having so much fun. BUt even after finishing so many assignments thus far, I have one huge question:

For every assignment we always load our data first, using X_train, X_val, y_val = load_data(). The same sentence, but ended up with different data sets loaded. HOW?

It seems some important step was hidden from us.

HI @Kai_Zhang1

Function load_data() is in utils file and it is already implemented to you if you want to take a look about how to implement it open folder utils and that’s example of how to implement load_data() function

def load_data():
X = np.load(“data/ex7_X.npy”)
return X

also in every assignment we use different data and you will find it in the files of the assignment


In each Lab you can click on Files in the upper right side of the screen. This shows all of the associated files. This may be CSV files, utility python files that were written. You can download all of the files in one zip and look at the code that has been neatly hidden behind the scenes.

After clicking Lab Files you will see this slide out from the right.

thanks for clarifying!



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thanks for your kind help!