Logistic Regression programming assignment exercise 1

Maybe know someone what is here bad?

Running the cell containing variable definition will make the symbol available in the runtime environment.

Exactly. Where is train_set_x_orig defined? Did you actually run that cell? Just having the code sitting there does nothing: you have to execute it and you need to do that again every time you open the notebook or do “Kernel → Restart …”.

BTW this was all explained in the video “A Quick Introduction to the Jupyter Notebooks” and the reading item “Programming FAQ” in Week 2 right before the assignments. If this is your first time using Jupyter Notebooks, it’s really worth going through those carefully. We’ll be spending a lot of time using the notebooks for all the assignments here, so you need to get familiar with how they work.

But I still try and try restart and write again but always is written that train_set_x_orig is not defined

Well, maybe you have damaged your notebook in some way. E.g. by accidentally converting the cell that creates that variable into a “markdown” cell instead of a code cell.

Maybe you should start with a clean notebook and try again. There’s a topic about that on the FAQ Thread.

By Update lab to the latest version? If yes, I’ve saved this code which doesn’t want work.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Do you mean that it still doesn’t work after you switched to the updated version?