Looking for a study buddy :)

Hi Coursera community,

I’m learning " Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning" in week 2 and I’d love to have a study buddy to hold me accountable.

If you like, please join me on stickK!

Also, feel free to email me and I can start a study group.



I could help out a few days, but generally move very fast :wink:

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hahaha, so am i. i’m on week3 now. it’s ok if we’re not on the same topic, just hold each other accountable and not losing momentum!

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Great, I just started with week 3 :slight_smile:

Hi Anri,
Great! I’m just about to finish week3, (finishing the lunar lander project now), and I’m more than happy to help you if you have any questions on this week’s material.

Also I sent you my friend request on stickK! I know it’s not easy to stick to learning especially during this holiday season so let’s hold each accountable! I’ll send an update weekly on stickK so we can both see my progress :slight_smile:
P.S. I’m looking for a Chrome extension to block Youtube during daytime. So that I don’t get distracted. I hope there’s an extension that yells “you should watch Coursera instead” everytime I open Youtube XD

Happy learning,


Hey Zhenxin,

Great! I saw your friend request, so looking forward to the summary. You could track my progress on my GitHub, since I like the graph representation that shows progress: Anri-Lombard (Anri Lombard) · GitHub.

A good app to try is “Cold Turkey”. You could specify YouTube.com, then it blocks it for you in a specified time range, say 2 hours for example. It works pretty well on safari for me :slight_smile:

WOW, I saw your GitHub, that’s so awesome! I should do that too!

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Hey are you guys still working on this course ,i’d like to jump in too .So i can finish the course properly and so we can hold each other accountable

Hi Mathew,

We’d love you to join! Anri and I have both finished the ML Specialization and are still learning other ML courses. Together we aim at learning ML everyday :blush:

P.S. I would strongly encourage you to join me on stickK where you can see my everyday commitment or find me on Github to see my progress :cowboy_hat_face:


oh damn thats a bummer that your done ,but no worries im almost done with the specialization too.so maybe i can hop in and get to know more of ML with you guys

i dont know what " stickk" is .Is it like an app or something ,if so how do i find you guys on it .Do help me out here guys.Thanks!!

also sorry for the late reply .Im kinda new to using this community thing ,so didnt know how it works

Hi Mathew:

I’m so glad to hear from you!

I think the specific topics actually don’t matter as long as we’re all studying ML and holding each other accountable.

To find me on stickK, it’s a daily commitment dashboard, where I check in every day and check if I study ML or not. You can be my supporter and see my progress:

To find me on Kaggle and see what challenge I’m doing:

To find me on GitHub and see what else I’ve been working on: (Yes, please give my PyControl a try if you know Python and need something to block distracting websites)


and my email: zhenxinz12@gmail.com

Stay in touch and happy new year!

thanks alot zhen!

ill be sure to check em out and also Happy new year to you too .I pray that you may be able to do awesome in all your goals you set out to do and that this year maybe really amazing

have an awesome new year ahead!!!

Thank you so much for your kindness Mathew!

Wow, studying here is fun