Looking for a Study Group!

EDIT: I’ve made the Discord group, which you can join using this link: https://discord.gg/j7FJW8tVPx

Hey everybody,

I’m a recent CS & Math grad, and am currently a software developer at a cybersecurity company. I finished the popular Coursera “Machine Learning” course, and am now in Week 2 of the DLS.

I’d love to connect with peers via a study group, as I’ve gotten lots of success and motivation that way in other MOOC courses. If there isn’t a group, perhaps I can set up a Discord server for one? I’ve done it before, so let me know if you’re interested.


Hello, I majored in computer engineering in university, graduated 4 years ago, currently working at a semicon company. I also finished Prof Ng’s Machine Learning course and now in Week 3 of DLS. Never done study group before but would love to connect for more motivation haha.

hello I major in computer science , I’m in week 4 of the Andrew Ng deep learning course , and I’d love to connect with you via a study group

Alright, cool. I’ve just made a study group in Discord, and this is the invite link: https://discord.gg/j7FJW8tVPx. See you all there!

Hi everyone
I am new to this community. I am trying to find a study group that’s active? I see most of them are from previous years. Any help please.

I am currently on the course 1 of “Deep Learning Specialization” series, so going over " Neural Networks and Deep Learning"

hi suahmed Can we study together