Loss function error

im getting this error like there is some mismatch in the loss dictionary in the assignment even tho i think i have putted my arguments correctly. i dont know what is causing this error

my notebook (possibly an older version since I took this class eons ago) has this

  • Note: please list the wine quality before wine type in the outputs, as this will affect the calculated loss if you choose the other order.

and I consistently put wine_quality first everywhere. I notice you have wine_type listed first in the compile() statement. What about where the layers and outputs are defined in the model? Maybe try putting wine_quality first consistently, and let us know if it makes any difference?

Hello Zain,

You error log tells and unknown entries in dictionary or format(name, list)

you have mentioned mean_square_error which you need to replace with mse and then try.

Please do not share your code on a public post as it is against the rule. after you have the problem, kindly removed the code from your post.

Thank you