Lost in week 2 lab assignment

Hi @rmwkwok

I hope you’re good. I’m actually also on my week 2 lab assignment and to be honest I am absolutely lost.
What is it that I’m suppose to do here?

Hello @Ntuthuko_Siyanqoba_K,

We don’t walk through a lab for learners, as this is a course for self-learning.

For self-learning, you need to read the lab’s instructions, develop your own understanding (with help from Andrew’s teaching through his videos), and then try to work on the labs with both your understanding and the knowledge by the videos.

If you are not familiar with self-learning, you might want to seek for an offline learning partner to learn together - possibly someone who knows you, such as your friends, your classmates, or your colleagues.

To use this forum for your self-learning journey, sharing your understanding is of the utmost importance, as your inputs is something we can discuss about. Here is how we use the forum:

  1. Come up with a specific question. You may quote a slide or a time mark of a video, or a certain sentence in a lab. Making these explicit helps us be on the same page.

  2. Share your understanding. Your understanding informs us what can be troubling you.

  3. Be involved in finding the answers with your fellow learners. Everyone, including the mentors, are learners. Don’t expect to just ask a question and wait for an answer, instead, be ready to do most of the thinking yourself with suggestions from the others. Remember, we are learners, and to learn, we need to be involved in the process of coming up with an answer.

  4. Open a new thread for your question. It is not a good idea to use others’ threads for your purpose for many reasons.

  5. Open a new thread for your new question. Mixing different focuses in one thread makes it difficult for your readers to follow. For example, when you come up with a specific question about lab 2, open a new thread and don’t reply here.

  6. Let everyone join you. Join the others. Everyone, including you, is free to join a thread to discuss the matter raised by the creator of the thread for the sake of their (your) own learning. Joining others’ threads should also give you a sense of how to open your threads in a way that can assist your readers.

Good luck for your learning journey!

PS: I moved your post to a new thread. Next time, please open a new thread.