Luiz a Brazilian in Luxembourg

Hello, Luiz Gonzalez, Brazilian living in Luxembourg,
Learning about GenAI to improve my day-to-day experience, experimenting LLM for Recruiting, Marketing, Tech and Bank Industry.
Actually working as a Project Manager at Bank Industry.

Hi Luiz, nice to meet you! Cool to see another person from Luxembourg :slight_smile:

My name is Nils Rehlinger. I am starting my PhD next month at the University of Luxembourg, where I will be working on a machine translator for the parliament to translate their debates from Luxembourgish into French, English, German, and Portuguese.

My background is in linguistics, so if you wanna chat about anything related to AI and language, feel free to reach out!. I’m happy to connect on LinkedIn, too.

Happy learning!

Hi and nice to meet you. I connect to you at LinkedIn. Cool profile! music, Language and events are topics that I enjoyed too.