M4ML: C3 W1 Exc.5

Hello everyone.
I am really stuck in this exercise.
I tried many times and I got 2 different results that are totally wrong.

I got 0.00 for all the features and .48 for all of them. I read previous comments in this exercise in the forum and it seems that there was a different one than the one I am doing.

Someone can help me. I am beginner in coding and the answer is no intuitive for me.

There is a lot of complicated indexing in this assignment. You’ll need fairly good Python skills to make sense of it.

Have you attended a Python tutorial course?

No, previously I did a Google certificate in data analysis but nothing concrete.

There is a tip on the skills needed to solve the ex. 5 and posterior exc?

I am not sure what are we trying to do with this exercise. I have some ideas based on the instructions but I honestly don’t understand.

You really need to take a Python course before you go much farther. I don’t think you can succeed without it.

So I don’t understand why is this course categorized as a beginner level in Coursera if I need previous knowledge in phyton.

It is puzzling. My advice remains the same.

Oh thank you. So useful!!