Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production - Week 2 : Feature engineering quiz is misplace

Week 2 Feature engineering quiz question are misplace.

Feature transformation at scales quiz question are placed under Feature engineering quiz section.

Hi @santosh welcome to this specialization.

Thanks for your post, any suggestion is useful.
Could you be more specific and tell us which question do you think is not correctly placed?

Hi @luigisaetta actually all 3 questions. Looks like quiz is just a misplace between two topic Feature engineering and Feature transformation at scales

Hi @santosh
Do you think it is difficult to answer the questions, before having looked at the videos of the next section?

Hi @luigisaetta. I think @santosh is right. All the 3 questions in the Feature Engineering quiz refer to the two videos in the Feature Transformations at Scale, which come immediately after.

@matt29 @santosh
Ok, now it is perfectly clear.
I do agree that answering those questions at first sight is not easy. They require some more knowledge and therefore it is better to answer after seeing all the others videos.
I’ll report.

@matt29 @santosh

based on your feedback, the quiz has been moved after the video1 of the second section.
Thank you for helping us in improving the course.
Happy learning.