Machine Learning in the copper mining/metallurgy industry

I have ideas of applications of using Machine Learning in the copper mining/metallurgy industry. However, how could I define if this project is only Machine Learning, Data Science or more AI-like in scope?

I think you understand what I mean. Actually the boundaries of these concepts are sometimes very blurred (Andrew Ng himself mentions it as such).

Those are all just different degrees of the same thing. The differences are not significant, it’s far more important that you clearly define whatever task you’re trying to do.

The first step should be identifying the problem and devising a solution . Careful analysis of both of them leads you to the next step . It could be collection, cleaning or analysis of data . After that you can create models to suit your needs.
So at large dont skip the basic steps and rather than slapping some flashy term like AI ML just look into your needs .

ai is very important.

ai is very important

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