Machine Learning Lab Practice Week 2 & 3

hope you are doing well,
I have some issues with the programming part of the Machine Learning Practice Lab. In every exercise I get some errors. Could you please help me to solve these problems? I really need this certificate.
{mentor edit: code removed}

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Please move your thread to the correct forum area for your course. You can do this using the ‘pencil’ icon in the thread title.

There is a separate forum area for each course.

This will help a mentor for your course to notice your message.

I see that here you seem to be using the wrong character. These should be the underscore character. It looks like you used a hyphen or minus sign.


A minus sign is a math operator. An underscore can be used in variable name - minus signs or hyphens cannot.

In the future, please don’t post your code on the forum. That is not allowed by the Code of Conduct.

Also, the python language uses indentation to define blocks of code.
So everything that is “inside” the for-loop needs to be indented.

Your code doesn’t have the correct indentation.

If you don’t have python programming experience, I recommend you stop working on this course, and go attend a python tutorial course.

You cannot succeed in this course without python skills.