Machine Learning Specialisation #week1

How should I go through the optional labs for a better understanding?. Can anyone please guide me how to do them effectively.
Thank you

In each lab, start at the top and read the descriptions and run all of the cells in the correct sequence.


Hello, @Guru006,

Below are my suggestions. We couldn’t do everyone to every code cell, so we would need to apply them flexibly:

  • For the first pass, just read and run the code to see if everything makes sense. If not, come here and look for existing answers or ask a new question.

  • During the first pass, it is also good to try to have some expectations to the outcome of code cell before running it, and check if they match!

  • After all questions from the first pass cleared, try to propose some changes interesting to you, and see if it turns out as you expected. In any case you want a new copy of the original notebook, following these steps.

I think experimenting your changes and observing if the results are as expected is a very effective way of learning. If you have any interesting observations, feel free to share here!


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Hi @Guru006

The most important step is to thoroughly understand the function of each cell in the code. After reviewing the entire notebook, create a new one and apply similar techniques with new datasets or different values.

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