Machine learning

I have a regression supervised learning which I trained with boosting algorithm, it gives a good results, However , I need to predict a formula that takes the features into account
So, What are the types of machine learning algorithms that we can predict a mathematical equation with them?

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I remember reading on something similar, courtesy The Batch.

You can take at these two links:


please how to know if my problem is linear or not
since i have multiple features i couldn’t plot the features in function of target to know the form of my problem

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I would suggest to start with visualising your data, e.g. in the following way with histograms of features and scatterplots:

You can directly see whether some features have linear dependencies to your label as well as if there is redundant information in the data (then a PCA might be useful or you manually want to select the most important features).

Also: if you need a formula, you should also think about fitting a model (in simplest case a linear one) and continue with a residuum analysis to check whether the model meets your requirements.

Following sources might be interesting for you:

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