Matplotlib - tensorflow conflict

hello, has anyone experienced issues running matplotlib and tensorflow code? Specifically running the first lab (course 2 - week 1), the kernel crashes when I run the matplotlib code after I successfully ran tensorflow code.
can someone tell me what to do to resolve this issue?

Hi @Gabriel_Villegas ,

I have no problem in running the lab if you are referring to the Practice lab for hand-written digit recognition. There must be something else that is not quite right.

The first code cell should look like this:

import numpy as np
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.keras.models import Sequential
from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from autils import *
%matplotlib inline

import logging

Thanks Kin,
I am trying to run the C2_W1_lab01_Neurons_and _Layers.
somehow it breaks when I run the below line (see pic attached).

The error message says kernel crashed.
If I re-run commenting out the matplotlib chart codes, it doesnt crash…

Are you running the lab in Coursera Labs in your browser, or are you using another platform?

I am trying to run locally on VS code. I created an environment with tensorflow, numpy and matplotlib.

Hello Gabriel, Good for you, Trying to run the code outside the platform is a great idea to face real problems. Unfortunately this is not the place to solve this type of doubts or problems, anyway at all, outside exist a lot of pages usefulls. Remember do the same by different ways don’t gives you more than more knowledge. Go for it.

Thanks for the thread. Not trying to upset anyone here…