Maybe a mistake in the C3W2_Assignment, please confirm if it is indeed an erratum

Hey there,

if this is a mistake :slight_smile:

The section of Inspect _prediction_heads contains the information of ConvolutionalBoxPredictor, however, the assignment will be working with WeightSharedConvolutionalBoxPredictor.

For ConvolutionalBoxPredictor the _prediction_heads is

    self._prediction_heads = {
        BOX_ENCODINGS: box_prediction_heads,
        CLASS_PREDICTIONS_WITH_BACKGROUND: class_prediction_heads,

For WeightSharedConvolutionalBoxPredictor which is the goal of this assignment the _prediction_heads is

    self._prediction_heads = {
        CLASS_PREDICTIONS_WITH_BACKGROUND: class_prediction_head,

I am not sure if the following


will bring BOX_ENCODINGS from outside.

PS//These two predictors are siblings, derived from KerasBoxPredictor.