Medical Image Segmentation prediction issue

I took the week3 assignment material as a template(3D Unet) to try on a head tissue segmentation project.
There is a training out come with Soft dice loss 0.0884 and dice coefficient: 0.8844
but when I tried to predict the sub volume the prediction results were only a volume output(1,5,160,160,16) with value 0s in it.(lower right corner)
I tried several times and it remained the same, wondering what’s wrong with it.
Can anyone give me suggestion please?

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So, to be more precise, I provide more information here to clarify the situation.
The used CNN is a 3D-Unet and the training set is a set of 200 volumes(160,160,16) and validation set is a set of 80 volumes(160,160,16).
The task is to train 3D-image(volume) segmentation with 5 classes.
There for the training set data input size is (200,1,160,160,16) with label size (200,5,160,160,16).
Accordingly, validation set data size(80,1,160,160,16) with label size (80,5,160,160,16)

The issue is, after the training when I tried to predict a volume, the output is only a shape of (1,5,160,160,16) contains with all 0s.