Meet your mentors - DLS Course 4!

Hello, learners/fellow magicians. Congratulations on reaching here where convoluted algorithms await eagerly to tell you more about the secrets of CNNs with Course 4 of the specialization!

To help you out, we have some super experienced and talented mages aka mentors who will be here to guide you with your questions and in general to help you out with conceptual doubts. You can also have relevant discussions about deep learning with them and your fellow learners as well.

Use the @mentioning wisely but if you feel you want to reach out to them, you may do so with caution (Be aware that mages also have to hone their skills and have limited time to dedicate for helping you out so do remember to respect their time and attention)

The mentor handles for this course (in random order) are -

May your accurate kernel size calculations never give tensor multiplication errors :vulcan_salute:

All the best!