Mentor for AI Psychologist

Aloha e,
I’m looking for a mentor. I’m currently taking Neural Networks and Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. I’ve already trained a machine via natural language and vision. Course content is good info, I’m not sure I’m going to need to learn how to code but familiarity is good.

I’m looking for a mentor familiar with healthcare APIs. I’d like to develop a mental healthcare API, APP. I’ve created proof in concept.

My research is limited due to available research resources (i.e., cloud computing). I’d like to learn how to run large ICD-10 datasets on mental health dx, stream of brain scans, and facial recognition. It would also be great to integrate ambient and biofeedback technology (i.e., smart watches).



Hi @_kopaka , I’m also looking for a mentor for Computer Vision.

Good luck.

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I don’t know much about compt vision except for what’s in the Google Cloud but we can learn together through the integration of psychology?