Missing Code LLama Lecture

There is missing lecture on Code LLama. Next lesson and also the menu links to - https://learn.deeplearning.ai/courses/prompt-engineering-with-llama-2/lesson/7/code-llama. However this page does not exist. By trying different URLs, I have discovered, that - https://learn.deeplearning.ai/courses/prompt-engineering-with-llama-2/lesson/7/code - works.

Hi @martin.majlis,

I have checked both of the links you have shared, and they both took me to the same lesson Code Llama, as expected. Could you explain more what issue you encountered, and possibly share screenshots?


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@Mubsi : It looks that the platform behaviour was changed. Now everything behind the lesson number is ignored, so the previously incorrect URL is working now.

Examples https://learn.deeplearning.ai/courses/prompt-engineering-with-llama-2/lesson/7/foo-bar-baz or https://learn.deeplearning.ai/courses/prompt-engineering-with-llama-2/lesson/7/this-is-ignored-now - both points to the same video now.

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