Missing content in course 2 week 1

i was watching the numerical approximation of gradient video there Andrew keeps on mentioning the previous slide where he might have worked of theta+epsilon or theta+epsilon. but I didn’t saw that.

is there any content missing??

@bahadir can you address this issue

Hi @kunal,

I also couldn’t see the previous slide in the numerical approximation lecture or the one before that. I’ll check again and issue a ticket if I can’t figure it out.


You can refer to Page 33 in this pdf:

You can also find it on lectures in pdf section of week 1.

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thank you @jaydeep24

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Hey guys, any update on this? I am having the same problem. Is the old video available anywhere on YouTube maybe?

If someone could raise a ticket, that would be great.

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Hi @bahadir , any chances someone could edit video to add missing slide? Or at least add errata notification. Probably would save some confusion for a lot of people. Best regards. /Mike