ML for Physical Simulation

I’m a mechanical engineering student, I need to use ML to help me to simulate physical and natural process like “Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer” which is application of PDEs solved by PINNs, so I need a learning path to achieve this level, I’m good enough in prerequires of ML and now I’m talking the Machine Learning Specialization

Hello @Muhammed_Magid!

A while ago I was participating in a research project that involved PINN’s. Here are the main references I used:

I used the articles written by Professor M. Raissi a lot, as it has code available on github (GitHub - maziarraissi/PINNs: Physics Informed Deep Learning: Data-driven Solutions and Discovery of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations).

Wesley P.


I am so very grateful for your time, Mr. Wesley, I will check them all

Hello @Muhammed_Magid!

I have been researching the equation of heat transfer with the help of PINN’s for a year, but I did not get a good result. Thank you for helping me if you have succeeded in solving the equation.